The Rebel Legion was initially founded to unite people with a passion for making and wearing “light side” Star Wars reproduction costumes, but over the years we have expanded our mission to include volunteer charity work. The Rebel Legion’s costumers are available for hospital visits, walk-a-thons, fundraisers and events sponsored by/in support of charity and community causes.
Tatooine Base’s first member was Guri (Helena) who joined the Rebel Legion in July 2005. At the time Helena tried to get Tatooine Base off the ground but due to other commitments and not enough members it didn’t get up.
In December of 2005 starfirephoenix (Alison) became a Rebel Legion Member and started a thread in The Outer Rim, Calling all Australians – Welcome to Tatooine Base! It was in this thread that Tatooine Base began.
The name of the base was discussed and given the view that Australia may be moisture farming soon enough (due to a wide spread drought and only breaking in summer of 2011/12) “Tatooine” was put forward as the best name.
At the time of the initial discussion to form an outpost, we had 3 approved members. By the 18th of January 2008 we had enough members to place the application for Tatooine Outpost. On the 22nd of January the new Tatooine Outpost forums were online. Not too long after this we had enough members to become “Tatooine Base”.
Over the years this base has grown so much. We started with 3 members, we now have over 60 and that is growing every day. We started out not doing many troops now between all of us we do over 50 troops a year raising money for Cancer council, Starlight, Childhood cancer association and many others. We’ve done work for the national appeals during many crises like the Victorian Bushfires and the Queensland 2011 Floods. This base is something that every member can be proud of.

We do many large events each year including Supanova, Armageddon, MS Moonlight walk just to name a few. And Southern Hemisphere’s largest event at Dreamworld, held the first weekend of May. In 2013 over 100 Rebel Legion & 501st legion members (501st is our Sister club, they are the “Bad Guys” from the movies.) gathered to make it the second biggest event in the world and helped raised huge amounts of money. We visit the children wards of Mater Hospitals with Chewbacca and R2D2 and when they visit the kids, their faces light up and smile!

If you would like us to visit your event, whether its a birthday party or a corporate charity event please click here and enter details to request an appearance by us.