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  • New Base XOHi everyone <br /> With Trevor (Nighthawk) moving to Canberra I would like to introduce you to our new BXO. <br /> Gavin (Vagin Sillk-Maac) has accepted my request become out next BXO. Please welcome Gavin to the role. Gavin loves hospit
  • Welcome FayzeHi Everyone<br /> Please Welcome Fayze (Sabine Wren season 2 costume to Tatooine Base.<br /> A great looking costume. <br /> Well Done Sarah.<br /> <br /> <img src="" loading
  • Bolts new costume approvalsPlease welcome our latest clone troopers. Bolt has nailed 2 clone troopers at the one time. Commander Bacara as well as a ROTS clone trooper. Well done Bolt and looking forward to you trooping soon.<br /> <img src="
  • Rebel Legion Elections 2023From the LCO:
    “Dear members of the Rebel Legion,
    the 2023-2024 elections will start on Monday 11 September at 0:00.
    As every year, this is your chance to choose your command team at both local and international level.
    For b
  • Slice Payments for Supanova Gold CoastWith numbers looking good for GoldNova 2023 here is the slice payment details

    PayPal $40 to
    Friends and family only

    Please include the following details - you may be refunded if