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  • Congratulations RamsCongratulations to Rams.
    Please welcome our newest Jedi, the Temple Master will contact you shortly

    Congratulations SquidCongratulations to Squid on her Mara Jade
    Merry Christmas!!!
    The Jedi Temple Master will contact you shortly.

    Congratulations ShadowhawkPlease welcome our newest member Shadowhawk
    Look out for this cheeky Jawa Ro-shan.

  • Congratulations sealberg1994Please welcome our newest Rebel Fleet Trooper sealberg1994
    Protect your Princess and most importantly those "secret plans"

    Congratulations NightHawkPlease welcome our very own Liam Neeson Nighthawk
    Everyone please congratulate our newest Jedi Master Vhiran Kord
    The Templ