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  • Congratulations GoannaPlease welcome Goanna!!!
    Congratulations to Goanna on her fabulous Aayla Secura
    The Jedi Temple Master will contact you shortly.

    Well done Hannah.<
  • Congratulations XmezPlease welcome our newest member to the base Xmez

    Congratulations on your Jawa.

    Can everyone please check that the droids still have all their part
  • Congratulations to DronePlease welcome our newest member Drone
    Well done on your Jedi Jep Konto
    The Temple Master will contact you shortly

    2017/18 Command teamPlease join me in welcoming your 2017/18 Command team , these members are all outstanding and committed to the base .
    Cyclops , BCO
    Altair , XO
    Mammasith , BMO
    Nesath , Webmaster
    Iceheart, PR
    Moo , BEC and assista
  • Milton State School Fair Saturday 14th OctoberHi All,<br /> <br /> I have spoken with the organizers of this event in regards to Blue Cards. Blue Cards are required but they are willing to accept proof of your application for a Blue Card has been submitted is also ok for this event