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An Anglo-Saxon cemetery was unearthed at the HS2 site in Buckinghamshire.

Offline kafa88 Posted 18-06-2022 - 03:44 PM
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The expert said The Anglo-Saxon burial ground, with 138 graves along HS2, is one of the largest in the UK to ever be discovered.

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A skeleton with a weapon embedded in it. decorations And weapons are among the things found in Wendover. Buckinghamshire

It also found evidence of the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman works.Archaeologist Rachel Wood said the site was important to The site included 141 routine burials and five burial sites,

where a male skeleton with sharp iron objects was found. in the spine which experts believe may be the cause or factor leading to death

Other items unearthed last year included 89 brooches, more than 2,000 amber beads, 51 knives, 40 buckles and 15 spearheads.

There are also several objects that may be used for grooming. This includes a toiletries kit with ear cleaner and toothpicks, tweezers, combs, and even cosmetic tubes that may be used as eyeliner or the like.
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