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RC build... yep, starting it again.

Offline davej Posted 09-12-2012 - 09:34 PM
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Just going to copy the thread from the other forum.
Hopefully it will motivate me to finish Wink

Stage 1:
But/Cod/Ab/Kidney section...

I forgot to take pictures.

I've sort of assembled my cod/ab/but/kidney section
[Image: black.jpg]

Glued some more stuff, chest to back plate, and cut some holes in my shoulder bells.
Here, Dyl shows how I cut the holes. With a big knife. This is just before I glued.
[Image: buildphoto.jpg]

Shoulder set up, courtesy of Foo.
[Image: shoulderstrap.jpg]

Shoulder bell set up, courtesy of Foo.
[Image: bellhinge.jpg]

Front view.
[Image: frontplusbell.jpg]

Side view.
[Image: bell1.jpg]

[Image: bells3.jpg]
Some minor adjustments, and both bells are done Smile


[Image: bicep.jpg]

Did a bit more work on the kit yesterday. Managed to get it into a wearable state, but not quite right. Wore it to a fancy dress party.
Here are some pics of the kit. Linc has pics of it on , hope he will send them to me soon.
Here goes...

[Image: rcbox1.jpg]

[Image: rcbox2.jpg]

What do you all think?


Republic Commando Boxx in action.

[Image: boxx3.jpg]
[Image: boxx2.jpg]
[Image: boxx4.jpg]

Some pics before glueing.
[Image: trial3.jpg]
[Image: trial1.jpg]
[Image: trial4.jpg]

Been doing a bit of filling and filing of various bits.
Have put a bit of black primer on a thigh, just to see what it looks like.

[Image: paintedthigh.jpg]

Reasonably happy with that Smile


[Image: seamless.jpg]

There has been much work done since my last report. I was trying to get it finished by Supanova. I had it all painted in Omega squad black, but ran just a bit short of time Sad
So, with no urgency needed, I decided to undo a few things and make it fit a bit better. No photos though Sad
I've taken half an inch from the bottom of the calves so they now show a bit more of my boots, and make walking a bit easier.
I've reshaped the top of the thighs to fit around the cod better.
I've undone the shoulders, and taken an inch out of the straps to bring the chest in a bit tighter. This required a re-placement of the shoulder bell attachment points.
And, I've started repainting it all. Black primer, then grey-green primer with a couple of coats of white over the top. I think I've got the red sorted as well.

Pictures of it at a fitting yesterday:

[Image: 107121.jpg]
[Image: 107122.jpg]
[Image: 104123.jpg]

The bells are sitting up a bit high, so I've adjusted them a bit today. Tonight I'm re-doing the magnets in the knees ( not attached in the pics), as one magnet does not hold them on well enough. 2 magnets should do the trick.

Well, it has been a while, but I've only been idle for most of it.
As you can see, there are a couple of spots on the breastplate where it needs a touch up, then I'll weather the hell out of it.

[Image: breastplate2.jpg]

So, that is the build thread, all up to date and stuff.
It is pretty much painted, but still a fair bit of work. Backpack and helmet to go.
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New Forum, I'll have to sort a new sig!!
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Offline JUDGE Posted 18-12-2012 - 12:38 AM
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Hey Dave, when you say the bells are to high, do you mean sticking up (pointy). Only wondering as I've seen pic where there like resting into the shoulder. But this is the animation and one can see the delema recreating this with just massive bells.

Looking very good too, it's coming a long nicely, what's your rear pack going to be as each commando different I think?

And if you don't mind PM me regarding this kit, price and where to get it from please

Thanks champ.
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