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Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 09-02-2018 06:45 PM

This is my Prequel Jedi costume that I created a few years ago now for a character I created for a Star Wars Fanfiction series I've been working on. Just want to see if it matches the standards as I am not sure. I am happy to do work on it to make it approved so that I can start coming to events while I work on putting my X-Wing pilot one together. Some of you have probably seen me at conventions in Brisbane and Gold Coast for the past few years. Please any advice would be much appreciated. I know these photos are not very good quality but I will try and put better ones up. I also have a brown jedi robe and two fx lightsabers 9green and blue).

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Apok - 09-02-2018 06:47 PM

Maybe put on the costume and take some new photos. Front, back and both sides.

That'll help with us being able to help you out.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 09-02-2018 06:50 PM

I am just about to do that. Unfortunately for me this costume takes 2 hours to put on with someone helping me. It is a real pain to get on but I love it.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Nighthawk - 09-02-2018 10:11 PM

Wow, two hours? That's a lot of work. I can suit up in about 15 minutes.

But yes, get some nice clear photos each of front, back and each side in a nice, relaxed, neutral pose. It will allow us to see how everything falls.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Rebelrach - 10-02-2018 03:54 PM

Hi Ashly
Looks very smart but clearer pics would be good. Have you checked your costume against the generic Jedi requirements on the main Rebel Legion forum? Here is the link.


RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 10-02-2018 03:56 PM

Yeah I have gotten better at getting it on quicker, the extra hour is usually now only hair and putting the scar on my face if I feel like having it that time, unfortunately its always been with red marker/pen cause I always forget to get the latex stuff. Last night it took me close to half an hour with someone helping me. Some of the pieces are a bit ridiculous to get on properly and I will not be surprised if you all say that I definitely need to see Mammasith about them. At the moment I am just trying to come up with a way to post the photos on here which is only tricky because of the size of the photos but I am working on it now as I have gotten home from work. Hoping to have the photos up by tonight.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 10-02-2018 05:08 PM

I am terribly sorry, I tried every other way I could think of but creating a YouTube clip was the easiest that I could find. Just please be aware that this costume unfortunately spends most of its time in a suitcase which is why it is a bit wrinkly. Whenever I wear it I hang it up for a few weeks before the day so that the wrinkles mostly come out. Also my cousin who was helping me to put it on for the photos put the right fabric tabard on the wrong way so if you notice that it is sticking out weirdly from underneath the leather tabard then that is why. I didn't realise it until when I was taking the costume off but as a result of that the right leather tabard was not on properly because they are held in place by velcro. I have included below a run down of each piece as some of the pieces might look fine from the surface but in actuality they are not practical in any way and are the reasons why it takes so long for me to put the costume on. Let me know if you have any problems with this video.
This is the link:
Ashlyn Jedi Costume WIP

This is the rundown on the costume pieces.
Boots: brown were bought from Big W, I did have ones from JediRobe UK but they did not fit me properly and the zips broke (too tight around the calf and too long in the foot).
Belt: brown bought from JediRobe UK and has held up pretty well for the past 6 years but am not sure whether it is approved by the Rebel Legion.
Gloves: they are black fingerless leather gloves, bought them from off Ebay, not sure if they are approved by the Legion or not but this character is a dual-wielder and I came up with the idea that it helps her grip the lightsabers better.
Pants: black, were made by a seamstress that makes jedi costumes and hold up pretty well but am not sure whether they would be approved because of the fabric.
Undertunic: black, unfortunately this was made by the same seamstress mentioned above but it is basically a piece of fabric that I have had to alter by ancoring it to a long sleeved black shirt so that it would not move around. It is not a proper tunic which will more than likely cause it not to be approved.
Tunic: dark blue with a white neckline made by the seamstress mentioned above, this might need to be modified not just because of the white neckline hemming (don't worry I did design this myself so it is not a mistake made by the seamstress-I would prefer to keep it but if it causes the costume to not be approved I will be okay with searching for a new tunic as I would rather keep this one for when I want to dress up as the character) but to make sure it stays fastened properly.
Tabards (fabric): dark blue also made by the seamstress, they are not same length as the leather tabards so they will need to be altered. I only have them because when I was researching Anakin Skywalker's ROS robes I noticed he has fabric tabards under his leather ones hence why I have them. I rarely wear them though because of the length issue.
Tabards (leather): silver/gray leather, made by a different seamstress that I found but they are good quality. Only problem they cause is when I wear my robe it causes my shoulders to look too broad but I think that is probably because I don't wear this costume a lot and the tabard might just need to be broken in more. But I rarely where my Jedi Robe unless I absolutely have to.
Obi: black, also made by the seamstress who made the pants, tunic and all those pieces. This is the piece that causes the most hastle for me because it is fastened by velcro rather than actually being tied up like obi's are actually fastened. If I had known about all of these problems I would not have gotten these pieces from this seamstress. However this costume was put together when I was straight out of high school so I didn't know how to do the proper research to make sure I was getting the quality that I wanted.
Jedi Robe: brown was bought from JediRobe UK, probably still needs some modifying to it. The sleeves and hem was taken up by my mum.

Please let me know what you think I should do, any advice will be much appreciated.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Nighthawk - 11-02-2018 12:19 AM

I'd be very interested to see it without the leather tabards. Just by their nature they make the costume look bulky as they don't 'relax' on to your shoulders the way fabric ones would.

The one thing I did immediately notice is that the buckle on the belt is slipping. It needs to sit centrally on the broader part of the belt.

Overall though, I think the costume looks pretty good and should serve as a good base for official membership, but others more qualified than me will be able to give you more specific pointers.

Have you tried Imgur for your image hosting? It's pretty straight forward to use and is a free service. It's where a lot of RL/501st/MMCC members went when Photobucket went bananas.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 11-02-2018 07:47 AM

Okay, I shall look into the website for that. I don't like the look without the leather tabards but I think I will look into finding a way to make them more molded. I based the leather tabards off the Jedi Padawan who get shot by the clones in front of Bail organa, Zett Jukassa. I will see what I can come up with.

I am also trying to come up with a way to make the buckle on the belt not sag. Any suggestions for this issue would be much apprepiated.

I also didn't have the robe on properly. This was the first my cousin has helped me with the costume so I have a feeling that the right fabric tabard being put on the wrong way and the robe not be placed correctly might have caused it to end up like this. I will try again later today to see if it looks any better. However, I have looked closer at Anakin Skywalker's tabards and his have what I'll call an armpit crease where it has been bended from him fighting which has caused it to mold to his body better. I have always found that my tabarbs have not stuck out a lot aftet a day of wearing them. However once it goes back into the suitcase it gets flattened again.

RE: Is My Jedi Costume Okay? - Moo - 11-02-2018 11:52 AM

I agree with Liam Neeson (Nighthawk Wink ) that it is a solid foundation for approval.

I'd say a few of the fitting issues would be sorted out if you had a helper familiar with jedi costumes to help you seat everything nicely (don't worry, at troops we all help each other get suited up, so you'll never have to try do it all by yourself)

I agree with the tabards, they look a little bulky, but as you said, maybe after breaking in a bit they will mould more to your body.

Not sure if I am missing them (I should put my glasses on for this) but how are you for food pellets?

Keep em coming, I'd say once the crinkles are gone, and we can get everything sitting nicely, there shouldn't be too much to alter (if anything really, it's amazing the difference a crinkle free and well seated costume can make). If you're looking for a seamstress in Brissie, you'll hear nothing but good things about Mammasiths work Smile