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Star Wars Identities - Southern Cross Garrison Event
Date: 17-11-2018

Organiser: Moo

Troop Date:
Saturday 17th November & Sunday 18th November 2018

RSVP Date:
POC required ASAP to liaise with SCG POC: Mack
Troop Sign Up Cut Off Date: 9th November 2018 12 Noon

Troop Address:
The PowerHouse Museum
500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

8:00am -5:30pm

To add Redback Awesomeness to the event. We have been invited to attend by The Southern Cross Garrison.

Parking: Yes
Change Room: Yes
Amenities: Toilets, Water

POC Required ASAP to liaise with SCG POC: Mack

Charitable Donation/Amount:

Blue Card Requirement:

Costume Standard:

Min/Max Trooper Attendance:

Approximate attendees:

Youngling Attendance:
Under Direct Supervision Only

501st Legion Attendance:

Mandalorian Merc Attendance:

Further Details:
The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion have been invited by The PowerHouse Museum, Lucasfilm, Disney and The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to the Launch Events and Season Exhibition of Star Wars Identities.

Star Wars Identities

You still need to sign up as per usual on our sign up sheet.

Then, you also MUST sign up using the form found here - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeXqAbjv1NW5JLu0VekhibeDB32A4-gmu5x96VTCw9UFRAxkw/viewform

More Information can be found here on the Southern Cross Garrison Forum - http://www.501scg.com.au/forum/forum-129.html

Troopers who are trooping the event will have admission to the Identities Exhibit itself whilst in costume. Tickets to see the event outside of costume are currently being discussed, this will not be an open invite to secure tickets for your entire friends and family, it is expected that these complimentary tickets will be for YOU the trooper.

Troopers will be asked to buddy up, and stay in character. (No Jumping on the Pennyfarthing, No Dancing etc) - If you need to take your bucket off to show a child or someone that you are a real human then that's OK.

MaaS have requested as many costumed characters to be throughout the Powerhouse Museum as well as inside the Exhibition itself.

As this is an official event, only approved 501st, Rebel Legion and Mandalorian Mercs can attend.

Cadets and Verified Wranglers will be on a case by case basis as we have limited space/limitations placed on us by MaaS. Please contact Mack (co@501scg.com.au) or Sair (tythonbase@gmail.com) if you fit into these categories and we will work something out.

If you haven't signed up already and provided your details, including WWCC, then please do so by filling this form in, Whilst there is no defined cutoff, this form must be filled in as Powerhouse Museum recieve a copy of the data, please ensure all fields are filled in and don't include responses like "My WWCC is already in the Garrison Register", Don't be lazy please. :-

In Season Sign Up Form

Each Day will consist of a separate form being created, due to the limitations and restrictions on this event, we will not use of regular sign up sheet for this.

Troopers who have already indicated which days they will attend already will be published in the subsequent threads so you know which days you are signed up for.

Only the POC are permitted to represent the Garrison, Rebel Legion, meaning you aren't to make any requests to the Powerhouse Museum unless Mack or Sair do so on your behalf.

There will be more rules associated to this event soon once we agree on them with Powerhouse.


Q: Will there be a Friday 16th November event?
A: No, Powerhouse would like to keep us Fresh for the Saturday / Sunday event.

Q: Can I bring my children?
A: YES! Children are welcome to come to the events you troop, and they can costume with you!

Q: Can my partner come and wrangle?
A: This will be on a case by case basis, we will have limited space and numbers - However we are understanding, as the Powerhouse that Troopers with children have special requirements and we invite you to discuss with Mack and Sair.

Q: Can I bring a friend in the side gate, I'm sure we can sneak them in!
A: Absolutely not, those without a valid security pass with the photographic ID will be removed from this event. There will be no circumventing security arrangements or you will be placed on the appropriate legion charges and removed from the event.

Q: Can I approach Powerhouse Staff to ask for extra passes, make requests on behalf of the Garrison / Legion or other things along this nature?
A: No, only Mack or Sair are permitted to do this.

Q: Will i get free parking?
A: No, However, Discounted parking by validating your ticket at the bottom visitor desk / upstairs cafe is available for
Darling Square Car park, located at Zollner Circuit, Haymarket.
Wilson Parking (adjacent to Novotel Sydney Central), 179 Thomas Street, Haymarket.
Secure Parking, 320 Harris Street Darling Harbour.

Issues logging into the SCG forum? Send me a PM and I will give you information to help with that process.


Signup sheet:
Wrangling or Trooping?
Blue Card