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Gold Coast Supanova
Date: 13-04-2024, 12:00 AM - 14-04-2024, 11:59 PM

Organiser: MyKill

Troop Date:
Saturday 13th April
Sunday 14th April

RSVP Date:
April 1st
(Not an April fools joke - it's also Easter Monday Big Grin )

Troop Address:
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach

Doors open at 10am both days
(Due to our location, members will need to be kitted up before 9:30am)

To bring the Tatooine awesome to Gold Coast Supanova!

Change Room - Yes (location pending!)
Parking - Yes (paid as always! I'm discussing discounts; public transport is right outside the doors too!)
Amenities - Toilets, Water and Food at your own personal cost

Ktty - Good(ish) Cop
Squid - Neutral Party
Apok - Bad Cop

Charitable Donation/Amount:
We will be raising for Brainchild again through tins and QR codes

Blue Card Requirement:

Costume Standard:

Min/Max Trooper Attendance:
No limit - as many as can attend!
From the phone calls RGB CS have had with the Nova crew, this year is anticipated to be huge!

Approximate attendees:
Vast uncountable multitudes!

Youngling Attendance:
GAs are permitted to attend but must be with their appropriate adults at all times
They are expected to troop at minimum one hour if purchasing a slice - this can be split up however
GAs under 12 do not need a slice
If you are bringing your children, please look after them where possible

Further Details:

Well, that year flew by didn't it!
GoldNova is back somehow bigger and better than last year, according to the organisers.
We will be back in that foyer space, right by the front of the venue and right by the main entry/ticketing area. This will mean plenty of exposure for us and to us.

I want troopers kitted up and on the stands, and we want teams ready prior to 9:30ish as guest will be held in front of us for entry.
We want to see commitment this year too please, if you're standing around chit chatting Apok will be dealing with you and he has promised me that he is scary and I personally don't want to see that and neither should you.
As always, MINIMUM ONE HOUR WRANGLE ONE HOUR TROOP - ideally would love to see more than an hour as we have that same core group who really give it their all over the weekend and I'd love for them to enjoy the weekend too please! If you're planning to troop a lot, please break these times up and look after yourself.

I will do my best to reach out to nearby reasonably priced hotels and see if anyone will offer discounted bulk rates; alternatively we could look into an Air BnB and play sleepovers? I will bunch with the droids.

Prop/droid Team - I will reach out to ya'll with more details as I receive them!

Bump In - I will post this up closer to the date when I receive more information; but looking to be similarish to Brisbane with a later bump in time sorry!

At this stage depending on sign ups, we are looking at roughly $25 for a slice. You're welcome to split/share this slice with other (approved) members if you're splitting days (ie one coming Saturday, the other coming Sunday), however this is all on you - please organise payments between yourselves and sharing that slice. On the day can do what I can to get things to people but if I get held up elsewhere I may not be able to; happy to work with yall where I can of course!
GAs under 12 do not need a PAID slice but do need a wristband (if that makes sense) - sometimes they let me pick up a bunch when collecting tickets but sometimes they do not, it all comes down to the staff working
If you want your friends/family/partners/whoever coming, they will have to purchase their own tickets from the Supanova website unless prior arrangements have been made with myself or Apok/Squid
A separate thread for Slice info and payments will go up within the month

Mixer - Apok threw up the idea of a BBQ somewhere afterwards so like if we get a few of us in a hotel that could work out
We're mindful of money spent on Nova weekends, so looking for cost cutting ideas. If people don't mind I can look into somewhere for a sit down dinner


ps my lil core squad, where are we going for lunch!
pps i take bribes in the form of most iced coffee flavours and vegan lollies, as does sasha apok likes hot real coffee and beer.


Signup sheet:
Wrangling or Trooping?