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SandmanChnages to paid events & Mary Franklin moving on...

Offline Sandman Posted 27-02-2015, 12:55 PM -
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Over the last 2 weeks myself and many COs both 501st and RL have been involved in Teleconference calls with Mary Franklin regrading the following changes to the way we all handle and work paid LFL events.

To better streamline the process of Star Wars character casting worldwide, and to help Star Wars fan

organizations have more time to do what they do best - having fun and helping their communities and

favorite charities – we will hold casting calls and auditions in locations around the world. These casting calls

will provide a roster of performers with Star Wars costumes that the local offices can contact directly after

Lucasfilm approves their events.

How casting will work. Please read all the way to the end, carefully:

• Do not contact your area Disney offices. They are not yet ready for casting, and this process

will likely take many months.

• Direction, when casting is ready, will come from the Lucasfilm offices.
• Worldwide Disney offices will receive casting requirements from our department in the Lucasfilm offices.
• When they are ready and able to do so, they will set up audition locations. These auditions will happen on different timetables in different countries, depending on when they are ready.
• Invitations to these auditions will come to you from the Lucasfilm Event Team.
• Different Disney offices might set priorities on casting certain characters first, depending on their time and budget constraints. The Lucasfilm Event Team will encourage them to hold casting for all characters, however, including Imperials, Rebels, and EU. This might not all happen in the first round, but we will continue to encourage them to do so.
• At the auditions, the character photos will be taken from all requested angles, up against a height
marker, and a photo will be taken out of armor, too, to show true height in stocking feet.
• All photos will be sent to Lucasfilm Events for character approvals.
• Characters will be approved for different levels of appearances. More characters will be approved for general events, while a smaller subset will be approved for high-profile events like TV.
• Do not worry about height restrictions going in. For most characters we can work with different heights. Stormtroopers can be matched at events with other troopers of similar heights.
• Do know we are looking for movie-real body types.

Once the auditions and selections are complete, here’s how event casting will work:
• Disney offices will turn in event plans to Lucasfilm for approval.
• Once approved, the offices can reach out to those on their roster of approved character directly.
• If you receive requests for appearances directly from Licensees or Partners, and not through Disney or Lucasfilm, the request is not approved. Please circle them back with us.
• Events requiring large numbers of characters will likely be cast in the way we have been.

More to know:

• We will continue casting just as we have been as this process rolls out.
• Open invites will still come through Lucasfilm.
• When you have questions, ask us!

And also Mary Franklin is leaving LFL but still continuing her duties for Celebrations but is moving to "ReedPop". Statement from Mary herself:

"Now, after almost 14 years of working on Star Wars, it’s time for another life. I’m moving on from Lucasfilm. But I’m not completely moving on from Star Wars, thank the Maker. In my new job at ReedPOP I will remain working on Star Wars Celebration from their side, the show production side. Those of you working with me on the show now — on panels, programming, fan tables, etc. — will find me still there with you. I’ll just have a different email address."

I'm sad to see her go since she is such a great fan relations and generally awesome person to work with. It will still be awesome to see her at celebrations.

The new staff and LFL contacts are Este Meza, Rachel Bartlett And Pete Vilmur.

Again there should be no direct contact with the new staff without contacting Myself and/or Legion CO.

Look forward to the new paid LFL events we could have later this year and wish Mary all the best and best of luck for Este, Rachel and Pete to fill her boots.
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Offline Thrawn V'jun Posted 27-02-2015, 10:07 PM -
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May The Force be with Mary in her new ventures Smile

I have a bit of a question Beanie. Does this imply that eventually everyone with approved costumes in the RL and 501st would/should need to go through the audition process to build a more detailed database of the costumes each people have/wear?
Or would Disney/LucasFilm go through the RL and 501st member lists on the websites, and select or make requests for whichever troopers they want to be auditioned, then go through the audition process for each official/paid troop?

Either way interesting times ahead with the new Trilogy on the horizon... Wink

"May The Force be with you!" - Obi-Wan Kenobi
"Good. Twice the pride, double the fall. I've been looking forward to this" - Count Dooku
"If so powerful you are, why leave?" - Jedi Master Yoda
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Offline Jediprincess Posted 28-02-2015, 11:20 AM -
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Did they mention anything about setting up a database/paying for wranglers?

We call them wranglers, but in the professional costuming industry they're called Chaperones.

As you know, some characters require chaperones, so I'm curious to know what they're going to put in place to do that?

For example, in the Theme Parks, when a character comes out (eg. Mickey Mouse), they always have a chaperone, to manage crowd control, and watch out for him, etc. This person is paid as well as the person in the Mickey Suit. Quite often, the chaperone is also a Costume Character later in the day, as they rotate a roster, etc.

Also, was there any mention of how the auditioning will work for people (like yourself) who have multiple costumes they'd like considered? As you know, it's not always a quick process to go from one costume to the next. Eg. Emperor to Thrawn. I know Thrawn may not be on the top of their list of priorities for characters, but there will be some people that have high profile characters that they want considered, that may require special make up/hair etc. Eg. Darth Maul.

Thanks for keeping us updated though. Will be exciting to see how things go. Smile
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Offline Sandman Posted 28-02-2015, 02:08 PM -
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from what i understand and this is not confirmed yet, but members and even ex members will be able to apply at the Disney HQ (here in Australia or overseas) then Disney would keep that on a database for 12months and they would contact you. they are trying to get the COs ect out of the middle man work, so Disney can just know whats out there instead of relying on us asking who is interested and most time miss out on an appearance.

More info from LFL/Disney to come in the near future.
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