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WA - WASO Symphony in the City 2013

Offline Alcfalath Posted 17-12-2013 - 07:40 PM
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RL Regional Captain, 501st Trooper

Western Australian Symphony Orchestra – Symphony in the City 2013

[Image: 971692_10202384467955271_1183435167_n_zp...g~original]


14 December 2013


WASO Event - Langley Park


1730hrs to 0800hrs


To entertain the masses with some pre entertainment photo opportunities and to compliment the Orchestra during their performance of the Star Wars music in their program.

Rebel Attendance:

Matt - Alcfalath – RotS Anakin Skywalker - Member
Adele - Anei – Generic Jedi – Member
KC - Jediwoman – Jawa - Member
Aidan - Odin– Generic Jedi – Recruit
Triston – Lumirac – Ep 3 Obi Wan Kenobi – Recruit

Guest Trooper Attendance:

Mike - Point of Origin – Custom Mandalorian – Mandalorian Mercs
Mark - TK-671 – Stormtrooper – 501st Legion
Wilson - Evilcat – Darth Vader – 501st Legion
Yee - CloneGurl – Jawa – 501st Legion
Aaron - Darth Reign – Stormtrooper – 501st Legion Recruit

Support Crew:

Shawn - Nassik – Photographer – Rebel Legion Member
Josh – mrwright32 - Photographer – Mandalorian Mercs


After attending the practice run the night before and meeting with the Program Manager Alan, Matt and Adele, with a clear scope of what the event was going to entail and with some requests from Alan, figured out how to execute our attendance to compliment the Event, and formulated a plan.

After meeting up with Triston, the 3 proceeded to half costume up and head down to the WASO event, where they met Mike at Gate 4 at 5.20, and headed in to the backstage area to our changeroom/tent, graciously supplied by our hosts.

From there, one by one the rest of the attendees arrived and were given their backstage passes, and started to kit up for the event, as the Jedi went and practiced their choreography routines, Anakin vs Obi Wan – Psuedo Battle of the Heroes, and Anei/Odin - Jedi Training.

As the majority of the members had finally arrived, we received our ‘curtain call 10 minute warning’, and we got together for a quick brief before heading out, with a run down of the order of events, led by Point Trooper Adele.

At 6.30 we headed to the gate to go mingle with the masses and whilst waiting for staff to escort us were swarmed backstage by numerous back stage attendees, special guests, and WASO members for photographs, and we went out the front to meet the crowd. We were guided in single file and spread out in front of the stage for photo opportunities, where numerous people came up for our photos and to interrogate us on who we were. After numerous correct answers, most decided we were the real people and wanted our photos.

After about 30 mins our alarms went off and we headed back in to do last minute adjustments, preparations and choreography rehearsals before heading out for the show start, where the Conductor came and got numerous photos with us, which we were more than happy to indulge in.

Just before we headed out, Lord Vader escorted the lovely members of the WASO choir up to their places on stage, and returned as we took our places lined up at the gate entrance ready to head out.

As the 20th Century Fanfare started up and the spotlights waved in the sky, a lone dark robed figure quickly hastened in front of the centre stage and stood ominously. As the Fanfare ended and held their silence, every Star Wars fan anticipating the end of the silence, spotlights dropped onto the crowd, and the Orchestra commenced the Star Wars theme, as the lone figure launched off their robe and ignited their lightsaber to reveal Obi Wan Kenobi, as Anakin Skywalker runs in from the side of the stage, lightsaber lit, and engaged him in a Battle of the Heroes! Followed very soon after, 2 more Jedi, with Lightsabers lit, enter the foray and start a training sequence following Anakin and Obi Wan across the stage. Stealthily following them, a pair of mischevious Jawas emerge from the side of the stage eyeing off those expensive lightsabers and vunerable jedi pouches, but realise they are being watched wave to the crowd instead!

Suddenly the music changes its tone, and becomes darker and more sinister, as Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith emerges ready to cut down the Jedi, supported by a very well paid Mandalorian Mercenary, and very underpaid Stormtroopers. Lord Vader, lightsaber drawn, goes to engage the Jedi, first being Obi Wan (cursing himself for not finishing him off earlier), then a very confused Anakin, and then the 2 other Jedi, whilst the Stormtroopers and the Mandalorian take pot-shots towards the Jedi and Jawas. Luckily the Stormtroopers cant shoot, the Jedi deflected all the Mando’s blastershots away from the public, and Darth Vader was too busy with all the lightsabers.

The music changed, and Leias theme came on, seemingly pacifying the conflict, where all the people gathered up (the Stormtroopers defeated at not hitting anything, the Mando patiently waiting for the right time to shoot, Darth Vader having an Asthma attack, the Jawas preparing to steal the Stormtroopers blasters, and the Jedi conserving their energy) and waved at the audience, who waved (hands and lightsabers) back and cheered.
Once again, the music changed and became more heroic, and the Mando started taking shots again at the Jedi, The Jawas tried to steal another lightsaber, and Anakin and Obi Wan started duelling again before collectively throwing eachother apart from a built up Force Push.

Sadly, the Orchestra started the final cues of the music, and the group gathered up together once more, side by side, and friends again, as the final notes Crescended upon the audience, followed by a group action stance on the final note, and a deafening roar of cheering from the audience. Now complete, and with the WASO MC Eddie Perfect introducing the 3 groups, and thanking us, we waved and/or bowed to the audience and Orchestra, and exited the stage and headed back to the Backstage area.

From there, we managed to get a few group photos, before congratulating ourselves on a job well done, and started changing out of our gear, packing up, and having a good chat amongst all the group. Once everyone was pretty much done, and after a clean up of our changing area to clear all of our rubbish, we switched off the fans and headed out, some to watch the rest of the concert, and the rest of us either home or to food and lots of liquids.

Charity Funds Raised:



Alcfalath – Re-sprained ankle on the last practice run through right before going out.


Nassik – Was meant to be trooping his new X-Wing Pilot costume, but the zipper broke on the flightsuit, so he stepped up to take photos of us instead!

Darth Reign – Learnt the finer points of trimming for the completion of his Stormtrooper armour, mostly for mobility!

Evilcat – Managed with less than adequate visibility in the mask, to not only keep the Jedi back with his lightsaber, but also escort the WASO Choir up to their places before the event.

Public Incidents:

Some members of the public decided to get up and enter the ‘keep clear’ zone at the front during some choreography after advisement from the event staff beforehand, but luckily for them they managed to walk away with their limbs intact due to acute awareness and solid training of the Jedi who encountered them and artfully avoided them.

Mission Status:

A Resounding Success!


[Image: 51_zpsbf13b1e7.jpg~original]

[Image: 10_zpsa29ee790.jpg~original]

[Image: 76_zps0c15af0d.jpg~original]

[Image: 134_zpsf7e67a9c.jpg~original]

Facebook Album:

Photobucket Album (as above plus extra pics from Twitter/Google/WASO Facebook):

Video Links from Facebook:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

WASO Symphony in the City Concert Video – iinet On Demand:

Final Words:

Firstly I’d like to say a huge thankyou to Alan Tyrrell, the WASO Program Co-ordinator for the invitation to the event, who also organised a separate changeroom area with a huge fan for us backstage, as well as supplying us with a slab of bottled water to keep the troops hydrated. This thanks also extends to WASO (and its members) as a whole, for having the event and being such gracious hosts, I can definitely say we would be happy to come back again and again. Additionally, thanks to Principal Conductor Paul Daniel for coming over and welcoming us, and posing for a few photos. We hope that his last performance with WASO was a very enjoyable one and that we helped send him off with fond memories, and best wishes for his next posted tenure.

Secondly I would like to thank everyone who attended, whether Rebel, 501st, Merc or Helper/Support for the event. Though it was a short troop, it was a very high temperature day for an event, especially in front of many thousand people, and we were simultaneously live broadcast across the state and nation (for those either at a live feed event or online via the iinet live feed). So thankyou for coming out there and being the faces of the groups at such a large event. The crowd seemed very jubilant at our presence alongside the Orchestra, and hopefully this will help with future events with WASO, and anyone else who took notice of us.

Lastly, as its just over a week away now, I hope everyone has a happy and very merry Christmas, and a very prosperous New Year, including that you all stay safe and cool over the hot holidays. 2013 has been a big year for us, and looks to be a big year to follow, so recharge your batteries, and relax over the holidays.

This is Master Alcfalath, signing off… Transmission Ends…
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Offline stormraven Posted 18-12-2013 - 02:47 AM
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Tatooine Jedi
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Really nice report Alcfalath and it looks like quite a few people came along to watch you perform Whistle and despite sprains and other malfunctions great effort to go trough with the troop. Applause
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Offline Rebelrach Posted 18-12-2013 - 11:15 PM
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Well done WA troopers looked fantastic!
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Offline nassik Posted 19-12-2013 - 11:19 AM
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RE: Malfunction...

I've fixed the zipper. The zipper pull just needed slight tightening with a pair of pliers.
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Offline Alcfalath Posted 23-12-2013 - 01:06 AM
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RL Regional Captain, 501st Trooper

Awesome Smile it'll be great to get a pilot into our WA roster Smile

Also, concert link has been added to the video links above.. Not much footage, but still ok... 11 mins 20 seconds in.
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