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KttyGold Coast Supanova 2024

Offline Ktty Posted 20-04-2024, 02:39 PM -
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Friday 12th Bump in
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th Nova!

Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre

Bump in – 12ishpm
9am Saturday and Sunday

To bring the Redback awesome to yet another Gold Coast Supanova

Trooper Attendance
Studio 49

Only dual members trooped

Liam – GA

Bump in!
OH BOY TRAFFIC! Traffic really did not want to cooperate with us on Friday!
Bump in itself was relatively stressless thanks to a great crew – Sticky, Redpaint, Chief, Bikuchan and Ktty!
We couldn’t do these events without Sticky! And a big thank you to Redpaint for assisting with the tetrising of the van and being passenger in that traffic
He engineered a helpful new colour code for the Death Star backdrop and it made set up just that tiny bit more easy!

Shoutout to Ktty and Squids mum for being an angel and cutting up a lot of the bonds Satel made up to give out Friday night so that we’d have some ready over the weekend!

A big morning! Ktty’s bright idea to have troopers kitted up by 9.30 for doors open was quickly dashed when doors opened at 9/9.15 this year ☹
With people kitted up and quite a few wranglers about Saturday morning, we had a lot of people ready for photos and the team powered through it! Vader and our Wookie as always were a big drawcard for kids (and adults) and really did a great job of keeping up with photo requests

By the afternoon, things had really started to slow down unfortunately as there was a big panel and the cosplay competition happening
We took this time to do our group photo, a gentleman from Kttys work came by and took some cools photo/videos and a few laps exploring the hall were had by members
We made the decision to call it quits a little earlier to pack away valuables and head off to dinner
The mixer was at a dumpling place and the food was lovely! Big shoutout to Andylah who ordered some super cool looking things, like a sushi taco?! And it was lovely to have WilloftheForce and StarScribe visit us for dinner and hear about their days mcing and catching panels!
The discussion at one table quickly turned to Celebration in Japan next year and we were in awe of Andylah and Thumbs Celebration adventures, like sleeping on the floor!
After a much needed ice cream to end the night, it was time for a quick nap to do it all over again the next day!

Well, the bright idea to get troopers ready and on the stands by 9 on Sunday were well and truly dashed when the Nova team decided to use a different door than they have every other year :’(
With a different door being utilised for entry, it meant our little foyer spot was pretty overlooked.
Sunday for sure was our quietest day, I think there was a point where Phantom was out and we had all of 2 people come by!
A few members decided it best to go for an adventure in kit around the con floor; which was a smart move as we got stopped for a lot of photos and snagged a few extra donations that way!
We were also lucky enough to say hi with Mark Raats and Ken Steacy; two honoury members of the legion! I believe our clones were also lucky enough to say hi to Michael Kingman but Ktty was a goof and didn’t get a chance to take a photo because she was too busy trying to give his kid a certificate (sorry clones!)
A very fun to watch running of the Hoods occurred during the exploration inside and it was very interesting to see how many of the public actually knew what was happening!
The decision was made to call it quits pretty early because there was no one around in the foyers unfortunately
With Sticky’s help, bump out was super smooth and quick! A lot of discussions were had about next novas and droids and cool things so it’ll be fun to see what happens next.
With everything packed down, members went for a shop and explore, or chose to pack up and head home.
Ktty and Apok stopped by the Tardis team to grab their donations and thank them for their assistance over the weekend.
After everything was counted, packed up and put away a small reflection was had on the nova that happened and what we could do for the future – lets hope no more foyers!
Again a much needed ice cream run happened that night!

(Kttys new favourite category)

SOUTHERN CROSS GARRISON, y’all are crazy! The efforts that you guys put into trooping and attending is insane, it did not go unnoticed or unappreciated over the weekend! You’re welcome back any time you’d like!
Andylah and Ktty discussed cross posting big/important events between both forums so let this be the start of a lovely new friendship!

Snips – a lot of behind the scenes stuff happened because of Snips time and creative geniusness
She helped create all the super cool and popular certificates that we were able to give out, as well as flyers and QR codes for the stands!
She also spent so much of her free time over the weekend cutting up the bonds to keep handing out!

Satel – similar to Snips, Satel was VITOL in so much behind the scenes stuff for Nova! He created up a bunch of super awesome war bond style hand outs with QR codes to the donation page! They were super super popular!

Sticky – endless thankyous always for bump in and out! We could not do these events without yourself and your lovely wife and all the cool things you’ve got

Redpaint – GONK (all I have to say)
No but thank you for all your assistance with the weekend and showing me all the cool sound stuff!

Studio49 – the endless whinging this poor guy gets
(Squid, you get lumped in with this comment tooooo)

Apok – please see above haha! Immense help over the weekend, what a peopley guy
GCO for next year surely!

Glitch and brother – thank you for the speaker! I want sound for all events now!

These shoutouts however are just an extra thank you to members - everyone did a great job with what we had going for us over the weekend! Please be super happy with yourselves and your efforts!

Charity/Funds Raised
We raised for BrainChild over the weekend, and with the help of our friends at Hire A Tardis raised $1501 – the irony in the numbers!
The bonds that Satel made up for us to give out definitely helped with QR donations but it does seem

Ktty walked into many door frames like a goose, jammed her finger during bump in, tripped over running to meet Totolorian, screamed at a bunch of people that they looked amazing and was apparently an all round menace
(Theres a trend here surely!)
If anything else occured, it was not passed on

Public Incidents
Sunday morning we had some teens hanging about outside being silly with us – Snips managed to give them a little fright which was so funny to watch!
Someone (cough Andylah cough) had to get their doggies out
Ktty in the Jawa made a child cry OUTSIDE of the venue

Mission Status
Another successful(ish) Supanova!

Let me figure out how to get them to bloody work! Otherwise they’re up on facebook x

Somebody has to save our skins
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