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kaladanSuoanova Slice Payment

Offline kaladan Posted 02-11-2022, 11:28 AM -
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Hi everyone Im posting here as well as the facebook page.
Below are the people registered for Supanova this weekend.
Single Day Slices are $32.67
2 Day Slices are $45.33
Based on the large number of Saturday single day slices required we couldn't make these any cheaper. Good news is we do have a Change Room again this year.

So, taking the information you have each supplied in the event thread, here are your individual costs for the slices you require:
Chopper $32.67
Jeadus Teal $32.67
Little Wicket $45.33
Nesath $32.67
Stormraven $45.33
Could you please make payment via PayPal (Friends and Family) to the below account, no later than midnight Thursday November 3rd. Yes that's tomorrow, sorry for the short notice.
Please note in your payment your forum name so I can cross reference your payment.
I will be there both days so if you cant find anyone to get your pass please give me a ring my number is on the facebook page post.
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