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The SniperRebel AP at Snipers

Offline The Sniper Posted 08-08-2013, 12:03 PM -
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<span style="color: #FF00FF;"><strong>Fallen Rebel Hero</strong></span>

Hey all the Brisbane Rebels out there. I have some work on Muppet's Tusken helmet on this Sunday the 11th August. If you need to do some work on your costumes, feel free to drop around. Last minute I know, but want to get the Tusken done before I start my TX. Can have 4 -5 people over here.

Also if anyone is interested in buying an Endor Commando outfit, let me know as it will be going up for sale this week. Pics and details in the next few days over on the Redback forums.
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Offline Rebelrach Posted 09-08-2013, 12:03 AM -
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Public Relations Officer

Hey Mate
Kind of you to lend your garage out as always...I'm going to the footy on Sunday otherwise I'd be over though I don't have any projects on the go..

I know of someone interested in your Endor costume...want me to let them know? I can also post it on the Tatooine Facebook page...
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Offline The Sniper Posted 09-08-2013, 06:34 PM -
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<span style="color: #FF00FF;"><strong>Fallen Rebel Hero</strong></span>

Yep, if you now someone who is looking for it, go for it. Will be looking at $350 without the holster E-11 or A280 hoth rifle. Would like to seel it locally to save on posting.
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