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Jedi Robes Progress

Offline RighteousJedi07 Posted 06-11-2019 - 10:45 PM
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Hi all, this thread is for my Jedi progress.

Under the recommendation of mamasith, I ordered Jedi Robes from cosplay sky, since I only have a small budget for this project. They arrived four days after I ordered them; my Jedi Belt arrived from JediRobesUK a week after that. Added a modification to my lightsaber so it can be attached to the covertec wheel, just as seen in my attached photos. Currently working on anchoring the tabards to the robes, adjusting the obi to sit better and extending the sleeves to be longer to cover the knuckles better.

Also figuring out my Jedi Name and Backstory, any tips on forming a backstory for my Jedi?
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Offline Valledor Posted 07-11-2019 - 06:47 AM
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Looking good so far. It might just be the quality of the photo, but make sure when you take your approval photos, there is no Velcro showing at the back of your obi.

Other than that, great job.
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Offline Ashlyn_Dubreas Posted 07-11-2019 - 08:14 AM
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Temple Master

Fantastic work so far Will! I am very excited to see your Jedi approved and for you to start trooping with us.

As for creating a character, I have done this thousands of times, mainly for my Star Wars series but also for each of my costumes. I strongly recommend selecting a home planet for your character first. Then either looking at the surnames of characters from that planet, pick one you like the look and sound of and then find a given name that you like. Another way you can do this is just going to a Star Wars random name generator and it will give you a large selection of first and family names to work with, the one I like to use is https://www.dimfuture.net/starwars/random/generate.php

From there you can go further if you like, picking a Jedi who was/is your character's Jedi Master, creating a personality outline, fighting style/form, big events that took place in the character's life and many more things. While these character creations are often not known by the member's of public it does give more of an element if realism if you portray that character while trooping, which for children adds a lot of magic to the interactions. Plus it is a lot of fun.

Jedi Weapon Master Ashlyn Dubreas
Temple Master 2019-2020
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Offline mammasith Posted 07-11-2019 - 11:36 AM
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Looking good Will, as I said to Sarah, come see me after nova and we can fix those little adjustments.
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Offline JediCasey Posted 07-11-2019 - 11:41 AM
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Hi Will! I can back MammaSith - her work is ridiculously phenomenal
Would highly recommend seeing her for any alterations or help!

Temple Master - Temple Of The Twin Suns ‘18-‘19
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Offline Squid Posted 07-11-2019 - 11:49 AM
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MammaSith's work is incredible! Four years on and my spandex catsuit is still perfect.

See her for any alterations or adjustments over anyone else!

I'm so glad I found you, and didn't kill you.
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Offline Moo Posted 08-11-2019 - 06:23 AM
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Base CO
Base CO
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Hey mate!

It's coming along nicely. Youve got some great options if youre seeking any assistance. It's always great to have another Jedi in the ranks.

[Image: h3e9BHK.png]
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