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SquidGold Coast Supanova 2019

Offline Squid Posted 07-05-2019, 01:58 PM -
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13th & 14th April, 2019 

Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center 

10am - 6pm 
To have fun, be awesome and raise money for Variety. 
Trooper Attendance: 
We weren't given the best of position unfortunately, but we made the best of it and did what we all do best and trooped.  
Between the props, the car and many, many troopers we managed to entertain the crowds that were able to find us or hear us over the wrestling. 
We participated in the parade on Sunday morning once again, and we looked awesome! Thank you to those who were able to stay for the meet and greet – Broadbeach Alliance were incredibly impressed with our participation over the weekend and have already asked for us to return and potentially re-lead next year's parade.  

To every single trooper over the weekend who bumped in, bumped out, trooped, wrangled, checked in on one another, shook a bucket, assisted the parade - THANK YOU! These events work so well, because of all of you.
Charity Funds Raised: 
Injuries / Malfunctions: 
Public Incidents: 
Mission Status: 
As always, a huge success!  

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Offline Moo Posted 10-05-2019, 04:22 AM -
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Great amount raised! Shout out to Squid for a great weekend. Many thanks to Bruce and Kayle for putting up the raffle prizes (forgive me if I missed anyone there).

We had a fantastic amount of Rebels representing the base, and you all worked hard over the weekend. Big pats on the back for you all Smile

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