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BuzzardHoth trooper paraphernalia

Offline Buzzard Posted 08-04-2019, 11:41 PM -
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Tatooine Member

I'm working on a little something for the betterment of the Hoth trooper. Smile
Now taking bets on the completion date. Laugh

[Image: rSrdH0K.jpg?2]
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Offline Diatium Posted 09-04-2019, 11:26 AM -
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Base Merchandise Officer

A280 Blaster Rifle?
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Offline Buzzard Posted 09-04-2019, 08:58 PM -
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Tatooine Member

Yep. Or as close as I can make it on a poor man's budget. Smile
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Offline Buzzard Posted 10-04-2019, 10:44 PM -
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Tatooine Member

Some more progress. I'm hoping to have it ready *enough* for Goldnova. We'll see.

[Image: pcFk164.jpg?4]

[Image: bzMHCWd.jpg?2]
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