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Hi- Operation Stardust

Offline Star Scribe Posted 24-05-2018 - 07:21 PM
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Hey there, so long time admirer of The Rebel Legion and joining has long been on my bucket list. I was recently contacted and invited here (kinda randomly) by one of your members to consider joining. I nearly tried last year but life had other plans at that time.

I'm planning on upgrading my Jyn as I already have some parts that meet the standards. It will be an over time build at this stage since I'm moving house soon but I plan to have her submitted by the end of the year if not sooner.

So yeah that's my story. Would appreciate any assistance or tips!
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Offline Ashlyn_Dubreas Posted 24-05-2018 - 11:11 PM
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New Member

That's exciting! It took me 3 years to eventually get my Jedi costume approved. Random life stuff kept getting in the way for me as well. I am not very familiar with the Jyn costume and what is required in it unfortunately. Although the best suggestion I can give is if you need a seamstress MammaSith is the best.

Jedi Knight Ashlyn Dubreas
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Offline Nighthawk Posted 24-05-2018 - 11:50 PM
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Welcome. The forums are a great source of information, as well as the main RL forum, which has a dedicated Jyn Erso (and other Rogues) section - http://www.forum.rebellegion.com/forum/v...php?f=967. I'll look forward to seeing your costuming journey and hope to troop with you one day.
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Offline Moo Posted 25-05-2018 - 08:25 AM
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Hello there, and welcome to the Tatooine forums!

Definitely check out that link that Nighthawk posted, it should have lots of information there Smile

Look forwarding to watching the build Smile
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Offline Apok Posted 25-05-2018 - 09:04 AM
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Drop Bear Squadron Leader
Drop Bear Squadron Member

Welcome to Tatooine. Do the research and ask questions. It will save you time and ,oney.
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Offline Cyclops Posted 25-05-2018 - 10:43 AM
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Base CO

Hi and welcome, most of what you’ll need has been posted on the link , a good build thread is a constructive and helpful way to get input into your build .
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Offline Star Scribe Posted 25-05-2018 - 05:55 PM
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Thanks everyone for being welcoming and for the great suggestions!

I'm already part of the Stardust Sisters group on FB (a Jyn builders group) so I've been going through all sorts of research there too and I'll be sure to check out the forum link too.
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Offline Catsa Posted 25-05-2018 - 05:58 PM
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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing how you go and seeing you around!
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Offline shawnmfyfe Posted 25-05-2018 - 07:55 PM
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Welcome to the forum Smile

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