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Dark DoraKidney Support Network Bare Foot Bowls & BBQ

Offline Dark Dora Posted 01-05-2018, 12:56 PM -
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Troop Report by RBG POC - Teiwaz

Date: Sunday 22nd April 2018

Venue: Bramble Bay Bowls Club.

Time: 11:00am-1:00pm

Mission: To attend the barefoot bowls and BBQ.

Trooper Attendance:

Redback Garrison:
Bikuchan ID
Blue IC
Booster TI
Kattak BH
Nilrem TK
MyKill ID
Redpaint TB
Satel SL
Teiwaz TB

Tatooine Base:
Dark Dora DZ

Geonosis School:
Liam CTB 1276
Megan CREY 1273

Details: The event was very similar to last year, with the organisers setting up raffles, auctions, and a sausage sizzle. We had our flags and Wanted Poster set up along with a table with trading cards, 501st and Dreamworld flyers. This year the weather was better and we had troopers strip the boots off and participate in the barefoot bowls.

We had a couple of politicians pop in for photos. Most senior was Yvette D'Ath, the Queensland Attorney General. So of course we had to have the "Darth meet D'Ath" photo.

Bramble Bay Bowls Club is very much a community based club. They opened the club up to us and made the troopers feel very much at home and we thank them for that.

Thanks to the troopers, wranglers and GA cadets for making this another fun event with a great result.

PS Apologies for the late report, the receipt from KSN just arrived this morning.

Charity Funds Raised:
$1541 for Kidney Support Network, donated on behalf of the Redback Garrison.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success
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Offline Cyclops Posted 01-05-2018, 03:38 PM -
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Excellent work by all that attended this one , great result .
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Offline Moo Posted 02-05-2018, 05:54 AM -
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Great work all! ApplauseApplauseApplause

[Image: h3e9BHK.png]
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