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Sandman"All Wings Report In" Needs Tatooine's Help!

Offline Sandman Posted 15-04-2013, 09:52 AM -
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Tatooine Member

linked and cross posted from RL Boards, someone from the X-Wings want to step up for this project please?

DarthGM Wrote:Tatooine Base, we need your help

The All Wings Report In podcast wants to start spotlighting our various bases to highlight the work and events each base takes part in. If you could, let us know here what are a couple of your "signature events". The events that really bring out the largest number of members, from your base and abroad. Ones that are known locally and nationally. Ones where your base really steps up and makes a positive presence for the Rebel Legion. You know what I mean?

We want stats! What's your current active membership?

What face characters are in your roster? Do you have one of each of the Big Three? Do you have five Anakins who submit to a ritual kuma te fight to see who appears and which events?

What costume has the largest number represented? Do you have enough pilots to recreate the Battle of Yavin, or enough Rebel Commandos to take over a fortified bunker and hold it indefinitely?

What date were your base and detachment groups formed? Be as exact as possible, but even giving us month and year can help us congratulate your anniversary.

We want to talk about you, and your segment of this wonderful Legion we belong to. So let us know here and Erich and I can start compiling data!

Finally, we need your voices to help us make All Wings Report In truly "podcast of the Legion". At the beginning of every show, we take three "Standing-By Bumpers" from our list and included them in our opening. We're starting to run low, and know we have a lot of Bases, Squads, Squadrons, Temples, Delegations, Command Posts, and Clans out there that we'd love to get into our rotation!

It's real easy to submit a bumper; just call the show at 781-609-SAGA and say "<your base or local detachment group name>, Standing By!" So, Tatooine Base, Standing By! Temple of the Twin Suns, Standing By! Rancor Squadron, Standing By! Someone, call it in! You can also record it as an MP3 or .wav file and email it to us too.

(Oh, and please, be a member of the Base/Detachment when you call it in. It’s only fair.)

Be sure to leave your name as well, and send us an email to podcast@rebellegion.com and let us know you did. We'll be entering your name into a monthly drawing for an All Wings Report In patch starting in June.

That's it! We thank you for your assistance in this project, and in helping us showcase the great work your base is doing for our Legion!
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Offline Thrawn V'jun Posted 28-04-2013, 07:57 PM -
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Just noticed this... Is this still happening or has it closed? And what else needs to be done for Tatooine Base? I wonder if we can organise a group to make some recordings before or after Dreamworld... Smile

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Offline Rebelrach Posted 29-04-2013, 05:51 PM -
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Public Relations Officer

Why not take it on Thrawn? Would be great to do!!
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Offline piercewelsh Posted 03-11-2022, 02:01 AM -
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