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New Jedi in FNQ

Offline Nighthawk Posted 14-11-2017 - 10:06 AM
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Hi all, having secured membership with the 501st as an Imperial Staff Officer, and with a custom Mandalorian well on the way, it's time to round out the trifecta. I'm starting out generic Jedi, but as I bear quite the resemblance to one Liam Neeson, the ultimate goal is to do Qui-Gon Jinn.

While we were on holiday on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks back I picked up my robes from MammaSith, and I already have my Ultrasabers Consular so I'm on the hunt for boots and a belt to go for initial approval.

[Image: Jedi_WIP2_sml.jpg]
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Offline Moo Posted 14-11-2017 - 01:08 PM
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Hey mate, always great to see a Jedi in the making! Looks like you know what you're doing, but if you need any other help, don't hesitate to shout out.
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Offline Drone Posted 15-11-2017 - 04:00 PM
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Welcome to the forum! With all this help you'll be a Jedi in no time
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