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SW Actors in our Shirts

Offline Jediprincess Posted 24-05-2017 - 11:20 AM
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A few years ago, I met and befriended several actors who appeared in the original Trilogy. I've kept in touch with some of them since.

They are big fans and supporters of the Legions and what we do, and often display our patches etc on their table when meeting and greeting fans.

I went to the UK recently armed with some of our shirts to give to some of these actors, and they were super appreciative and love them.

I gave a Tatooine Base Shirt to Tim Rose. He played Admiral Ackbar and puppeteered characters such as Salacious Crumb and Sy Snootles. He also worked on films such as Labyrinth, and the Dark Crystal. Some of you may've met Tim at last year's Comic Con in Brisbane.

I gave a Redback Shirt to Alan Flyng. He played an Imperial Officer in Return of the Jedi.

Tim and Alan attended an Event in Folkstone Kent, and wore their new shirts there.
[Image: IMG_20170507_145844.jpg]

You may remember Alan from this scene in Return of the Jedi.
[Image: Alanflyng2.jpg]

Pam Rose played Leesub Sirln in the Cantina Scene, and Ken Coombs played an Imperial Officer in Return of the Jedi. They too both received a Tatooine or Redback Shirt.

They have all provided various autographed photos or figures over the years, that can be used as raffle prizes at our events, and it's really great to have their appreciation and support. Smile
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kolro10 Posted 14-07-2019 - 01:17 PM
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I have never found any famous anywhere. What luck I have.
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Offline nishaknapp02 Posted 24-05-2022 - 06:54 PM
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