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Thread Modes 4 Kidneys - Kidney Health Aust & Kidney Support Network

Offline Dark Dora Posted 09-03-2017 - 10:31 PM
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Base Charity Officer

Date: Sunday 5th March 2017

Venue: Bramble Bay Bowls Club, Woody Point.

Time: 11:00am

Mission: To attend the Family Fun Day raising funds for Kidney Health Australia and local charity Kidney Support Network.

Trooper Attendance:
Redback Garrison:
Chiro TK
MyKill TI:RP
Imperial Drone: TI:RP
Teiwaz TB

Rebel Legion:
Dark Dora DZ

Galactic Academy:
Liam TB
Megan Rey

Support Crew:


I'll keep this report short because I received this feedback from the organiser and I think it speaks for itself. Logistically it all went smoothly, with an early deployment of the Wanted Poster and the first outing for our new table runner. We had a good combination of troopers and wranglers, and much appreciated support from the GA kids and their parents. At the end we had a couple of well earned beers and 5 of us ended up staying on for dinner at the club. It was a great result and a good kickalong for the garrison's charity total.

Hi Dave,

A quick word to say I cannot thank you and the troopers enough for your efforts at the Bowling 4 Kidneys event on Sunday!!

We were worried about weather but your awesome team hit the ground running and made a fantastic contribution to the day, without your team there I am sure the result would have been very different!!

With your help we were able to raise $2089.10 for Kidney Health Australia and the Kidney Support Network. Like many of my friends I have kidney disease myself, and it is so appreciated to get your support, including your donation of one of the auction prizes.

Your presentation was so professional it was hard to believe you are all volunteers. We particularly appreciated Megan and Liam from the Galactic Academy. They looked amazing in their costumes and were so professional, a great addition to the event.

Thanks again for your support on the day, we would love to work with you again.

Once again thank you all so very much!!

Rachel Smith
4 Kidneys

Charity Funds Raised: $2089.10 Split between Kidney Health Australia and Kidney Support Network. Note these were generously donated on behalf of the Redback Garrison.

Injuries / Malfunctions: Nil

Public Incidents: Nil

Mission Status: Complete Success


[Image: 17191144_10154378248004135_8467822780983...v5m4cl.jpg]

[Image: 17156212_10154378245589135_1651448770739...d8xgcg.jpg]

[Image: 16996112_10154378245309135_6197414505188...qzrkwd.jpg]
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Offline Moo Posted 10-03-2017 - 06:23 AM
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Base CO
Base CO
Temple of the Twin Suns Member

Great job, and what a fantastic response from the organiser!

[Image: h3e9BHK.png]
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Offline Cyclops Posted 10-03-2017 - 08:16 PM
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Tatooine Member

Congratulations, excellent work .
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Offline Altair Posted 11-03-2017 - 06:47 PM
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Base Websmith

Great work team Smile
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