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Scotty335th March 2016 - Newtown State School

Offline Scotty33 Posted 05-03-2016, 07:27 PM -
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(I have just copied and pasted this from the report on the Redback site, hope that's ok!)
Date: 5th March 2016

Venue: Newtown State School

Time: 10.30 - 2.30pm

Mission: To bring Imperial order and awesomeness to the Newtown State School Fete

Trooper Attendance:
Doc - IG
Dark Dora - DZ
Teiwaz - TB
Scotty33 - TK

Rebelrach - Jedi

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:
Ory - a teacher's aide at my kid's school who has never seen a Star Wars movie in his life!

(Sorry in adavance for all the photos!)
Teiwaz, Dark Dora and Scotty33 arrived around 10am and surveyed the area where Imperial citizens were to gather and have fun. We identified areas of possible concern where Rebel spies might seek to infiltrate.

Doc and Rebelrach arrived around 10.30 and headed into the reserved parking spot in Docking Bay 94.
Our wrangler Ory arrived about the same time and we got suited up.

First, we took a group photo:
[Image: IMG_5387_zpsuwwmfyfb.jpg]

Then we found the playground, decided to hang around there for a while:
[Image: IMG_5423_zpsn2xg9m0j.jpg]

Rebelrach confused an inflatable Superbat for a lightsaber and thought she could take on a Stormtrooper with it:
[Image: IMG_5409_zpseoposvwj.jpg]

That didn't work, so she tried her Jedi skills again on poor old Connie, I'm pretty sure I heard her say "with the blast shield down, I can't see anything!":
[Image: IMG_5429_zpsf341eiof.jpg]

From there, Doc and Rebelrach had to retreat about 1pm, Dark Dora, Teiwaz and Scotty33 were having so much fun we decided to visit the side of the fete we hadn't yet seen.

Teiwaz found a book that struck terror into his heart:
[Image: IMG_5472_zpsxc8yirjg.jpg]

We played Jawa ringtoss:
[Image: IMG_5478_zps2anmlmlo.jpg]

And, generally, just ran amok:
[Image: IMG_5494_zpsvxujtkve.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5502_zpslsivtmbg.jpg]

Teiwaz found a tree to hug, so he was happy:
[Image: IMG_5505_zps1wkxoz1g.jpg]

The troop ended with Teiwaz and Scotty33 butting into a game where we had to belt each other with padded bags. Teiwaz won 2-1, but fortunately for me, this is the only photo I have of someone actually making contact:
[Image: IMG_5546_zpsjkzs1tz7.jpg]

There are more photos (yes, I didn't use all of them) here:

Charity Funds Raised:

Injuries / Malfunctions:

Public Incidents:

Mission Status:

Absolute, complete 100% success! I can't thank the troopers from Brisbane enough for coming up, the organisers were stoked, and a very good troop all round!
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