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Draco7/11/15 . Kidsflix Stafford

Offline Draco Posted 14-11-2015, 09:11 AM -
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7/11/15 . Kidsflix Stafford

Date: 7/11/15

Hoyts Cinemas Stafford

Time: 9-10am

Mission: To bring joy to children of ‘Kidsflix’ – Kidsflix is a national program of the Arthritis Foundation for children with any form of disability, chronic illness or social disadvantage. It is a free morning for the whole family beginning with an hour of children’s entertainment and followed by a new release movie with a free popcorn and drink. It is particularly special because the family as a whole have a chance to do something together and remove themselves from the environment of illness and not fitting in.

Trooper Attendance:

Wrangler Attendance:

Report: All troopers arrived early and even though the change area was small everyone was dressed and in position for the opening of the doors. Manny smiles, hugs high fives and photos were had before it was time for the kids to go into the movie. Troop was wrapped up by 10 and it was a job well done by all involved.

Costume Malfunctions: Nil .
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Offline Mortogg Posted 14-11-2015, 11:07 AM -
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Awesome work everyone. Applause

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Offline nishaknapp02 Posted 07-11-2022, 01:53 PM -
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