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Brisbane Comic Con photos from Saturday and Sunday (September)

Offline Jeadus Teal Posted 25-10-2015 - 09:07 AM
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Saturdays photos

[Image: 019_zpsl0cquecl.jpg]
[Image: 015_zps0gjozssp.jpg]
[Image: 013_zpsxs2lxuf2.jpg]
[Image: 010_zpsnqwljenj.jpg]
[Image: 009_zpseaywsk1n.jpg]
[Image: 017_zpshtfjbjpd.jpg]

Sundays photos

[Image: 047_zpsrgsg3ev1.jpg]
[Image: 045_zpssodqea00.jpg]
[Image: 043_zpstb1xuhjl.jpg]
[Image: 040_zpsvnusdyms.jpg]
[Image: 035_zpsefb7fyil.jpg]
[Image: 033_zpssqwtbtle.jpg]
[Image: 027_zpse4ctbbgj.jpg]
[Image: 004_zpsvfupj8s6.jpg]

[Image: 005_zpsucepimzv.jpg]
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Offline Mortogg Posted 25-10-2015 - 01:22 PM
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Some very nice photos and awesome work by all.

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Offline Jediprincess Posted 25-10-2015 - 03:44 PM
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Offline Hopfot Posted 26-10-2015 - 08:41 AM
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Great Photos. well done everyone.

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