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Slide EffectHi All

Offline Slide Effect Posted 15-09-2015, 08:10 PM -
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Figured it was about time to sign up over here Smile

Many of you already know me and I have trooped with some of you too but for those that dont here goes:

Im Adam, aspiring TIE pilot of the 501st Legion and all round awesome guy (hahahaha).
Im based in Kedron and generally have my 2 younglings at troops with me as they are big fans of both Star Wars and dressing up. Xavier informed me tonight he no longer wants to be a Jawa but wants Jedi robes like Tom's haha.

Anyway hi again and thanks for having me Smile
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Offline Tobalation Posted 15-09-2015, 08:42 PM -
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Tatooine Member

Hi Adam!

Welcome to the Tatooine Base Smile

It was great to see you and the kids on Sundays troop, they did an amazing job and I heard quite a few people say how cool they looked!
I liked it when Xavier asked if he could swap his Jawa gun with your imperial officer one!

We are always looking for new younglings to take up their Jedi training at the Jedi temple.

The Galatic Academy is a very important part of what we do. If their is anything the base, Membership Officer or myself as Temple Master can do to help out please don't hesitate to ask.

Will you be going to Oz Comic Con? We have some amazing RL costumes and some great Jedi attending.

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Offline Slide Effect Posted 15-09-2015, 08:51 PM -
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G'Day Tom,

Both of the boys are now official members of the GA so looking good for them now.
Sebastian still insists that Vader "isnt that bad" hhaha but Xavier is very keen on being a Jedi - this is going to get messy as we already have light sabre duels in the house even when they are on the "same" side hahaha

im currently looking at various commercial options for him as the budget for a boy who will outgrow his costume is slim - Im not going to custom make things for him that he wont be able to use in a year lol.

Unfortunately Oz Comic Con is a no go for me this year due to family commitments but I expect to see heaps of awesome pics.

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Offline Apok Posted 15-09-2015, 09:24 PM -
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Drop Bear Squadron Leader

G'day Slide. Welcome to TB. GA costumes don't have to be as accurate as we bigger kids. Talk to Bullant or MadamSith or mammasith for all things GA. They are the gurus.
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