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ApokDW2015 Troop Report

Offline Apok Posted 18-06-2015, 12:11 PM -
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Drop Bear Squadron Leader

Date: 23rd and 24th of May 2015

Venue:Dreamworld, Dreamworld Parkway. Coomera. Queensland. Australia.

Time:Saturday 6.30am (to be armoured and ready for the group photo by 8.00am) to 5.00pm.

Sunday 8.30am (to be armoured and ready for the photo booth by 9.00am) to 9.00pm

Mission:To raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Trooper Attendance:
RBG: TKID and username/costume
A lot!!

RL: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable

MM/GA etc: Username & costume - mark N/A or delete if not applicable
A couple of MM's and a lot of GA's

Support Crew / Guest Trooper Attendance:


DW2015 once again loomed as the jewel in the Star Wars communities crown in Australia. Troopers from VIC, NSW, WA and all over QLD converged again on DW! It was a great event to showcase what we are all about.

Again we had a great turn out with plenty of troopers there for the group photo in the morning. Our resident photographer Shutter did an amazing job again for the whole weekend.

With the parade led again by Chewie and some amazing speeder bikes, thanks to Payney and Scope, the crowds were once again amazed by what we do. With Saturday for the Biker Scout MotoCoaster ride and Sunday letting Jango and Boba having some father and son time feeding the 5.2m salt water crocodile, Goliath, it was a whole lot of family fun.

Again the Jedi Academy was very popular. On the Saturday there were about 70+ kids and well over 100+ kids on the Sunday. It was insane and it was great to be able t do something that elsewhere in the world only a select few get to do it. DW is all in for everyone!!!!

SvJ again showed that the dedication of the members that sign up to practice for months and then perform in front of a whole lot of people is outstanding. These members go out of their way to put on one of the, if not the best, lightsaber duel in the world. These members are not professional actors and actresses and most not professional swordspeople and yet I dare you to find something so well done by others, professional or amateur to rival this spectacle. Great work team.

Again the bump in and out crews did a great job and a big thanks to all the troopers, rebels and mandos who put the time in and manned the booths, wrangled when needed, guarded props, organised troopers and to those that ran when I bellowed (sorry, but you all know I get a bit testy on this weekend).

Thanks to all that attended and I hope you all had a good time.

DW2016 has been approved by Disney and now we are just getting the dates squared away with DW. Looks like it will be mid to late May again next year. I will keep you all posted.

Let's make DW2016 bigger and better. If you have any ideas please let me know via PM. New Photobooth protocols are being set for next year so no need to send ideas for that.


Charity Funds Raised: $8312.15

Injuries / Malfunctions: Unfortunately one of our GA kids, Eliza, was a cheeky little monkey and undid her wheelchair seat belt and fell breaking her leg. Eliza was in her X-wing pilot suit and it had to be cut to pieces to get to her injury. Luckily Eliza is doing ok and on the mend. Thanks to Mammasith and Madamsith for then getting a brand new pilot suit sewn together to replace the one that had to be destroyed. Great work team.

Shutter took one too many photos on the Saturday and got a bit woozy with a migraine. She pulled it together for the MotoCoaster to take the pic for that.

Zerebin copped a flexing lightsaber blade to the cheek. Many people thought the SvJ started using special effects make up.

Public Incidents:

Mission Status: On a whole the weekend was a great success. We had plenty of troopers that traveled a long way to come up. That alone is a great effort and one of the reasons we do this troop. It is always great to have people from others Garrisons and Bases come and attend this event. I hope they had a great time.

Photos: The DW2015 Facebook photo page
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Offline MyKill Posted 18-06-2015, 06:25 PM -
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Event Organiser

Had a great time helping out wherever I was needed, I can't wait for next year!!!

"Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?"
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Offline nishaknapp02 Posted 07-11-2022, 06:33 PM -
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