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Introduce yourself to the rest of TB.

Offline luciferian Posted 17-12-2012 - 08:29 PM
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For the glory of Mandalore

Hi Kat here or better known as Luci, been costuming for nearly 10 or so years now and slowly building up my skills to make things. I am a mad twi'lek fan it was my first star wars costume and what i am best known for, i even have twi'lek tatts. I only recently got my Jedi approved but i got my 1st approval with the Mando Mercs (draco is my boss so i have to be nice) last year just after our 1st troop together.

I have a few light and dark costumes, and a few things i'm tinkering with, oh and i live in Sydney.
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Offline AhsokaTano Posted 18-12-2012 - 07:59 AM
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New Member

Hey All it's Kelly better known as Ahsoka on the old boards. I started costuming around 2008 at supanova, usually as something that was going on around that time. Anyway this year was a big b'day bash and I decided to make it a star wars theme, from there my love of star wars continued and this years Supanova provided me with a great chance to pose with the RL and the 501ST even though we good guys were out numbered LOL. I was a cadet at Heroes Vs Villains and finally got my generic jedi approved. I have a costume build diary going on the old boards on my Ahsoka who is going to be finalized by February and then put in for approval. Other than that I'm a Sydneysider, a Mother, an actress, part of the Sydney Saber Arena yep I fight with lighsabers, I'm a martial artist and an artrist. I'm also a writer and as you can see I can talk and write your ears and eyes off! I don't mind what you guys call me as long as it's nothing nasty. I'm Kel, Kelly, Ahsoka, AhsokaTano, Snips, Padawan, and Mummy. Yeah think that's enough for now LOL
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No, I'm the one with enthusiasm. You're the one with experience, which I'm looking forward to learning from.
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Offline JUDGE Posted 18-12-2012 - 02:52 PM
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Hello all,

Cody reporting in, also known as Shane in the real world and JUDGE to mates and forums.
Always been a fan of star wars and star trek, my old man got me into them will before understanding them however always formed a closer connection to star wars as it helped me come out of a coma when I was about 6 after a serious BMX accident. I used to be a pro gamer from 2000 - 2005 competing in the WCG for Counter-Strike and Battlefield 3 before retiring due to limited family time. Never knew much about costuming part of it until 2010 Canberra LEGO where I meet Dylan and the rest. Not long after that I joined the SCG and straight away got to work on my commander Cody which was approved this year. Unfortunately I haven't been able to troop much sense approval due to a failed lower back surgery in August. However the guys where great to allow me to battle test Cody at canberras brick expo this year. In true 501st style I wore Cody for this years Campbelltown fishers ghost and make a wish. However I think that will be it until further notice. I've always been gifted in building and model propes etc, I've successfully machine built out of wood the clone weapons for our 501st buddies and I'm hoping to soon be able to help all new comers and exciting members in supplying them through out the war. I'm also currently building three more kits consisting of two more commanders and a 212th air Bourne. I've got three beautiful children from 12 to 2 and lucky for me all support and love Science fiction also so where all into collecting challenge coins and patches. It's an expensive hobby but will worth it. I'm also happy to talk and catch up so by all means FB or PM me

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Offline The Sniper Posted 19-12-2012 - 11:54 AM
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Fallen Rebel Hero
Drop Bear Squadron Member

Ok, suppose I should introduce my self here.Big Grin Name is The Sniper, also I get called Sniffer, long story, ask Muppet and in real life my name is Craig, I think.

Been with the Redbacks since July 09', the Rebels since Dec 09'. Have a few Rebel costumes, Tusken Raider, Jedi, Rebel Fleet Trooper, Endor Commando, Jawa and Luke Skywalker (post compactor and soon Tatooine), which I'm still working on the finer details. In the Imperial camp I have Imperial Crewman, Dengar the bounty hunter and working on Comet the Clone from Season 4 Animated.

Also I'm a member, like Draco of the Mando SandHawk clan.

When not building costumes, I like to build Star Wars weapons and props and have a Gonk Droid powering up my shed, somewhere....
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Offline Kev Vader Posted 19-12-2012 - 08:29 PM
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Kev Vader here, aka Kevin Chamberlain, Qld & NT State Co-Captain.

I've been a Rebel Legion Member for about 8 months now, as the famed Bith Band member, Tech Mor. Outside of the Rebel Legion, I am also the CO of the 501st Redback Garrison here in Queensland, and live just north of BrisVegas with Mrs Vader and little Miss 7 & little Mr 5.
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Offline imperial_brick Posted 20-12-2012 - 07:44 AM
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Rebel Legion Member

Imperial_brick Darrell here been a member of TB since Jan this year been lurking of the boards for a long time , I am also a member of the 501st Southern Cross Garrison , Live in Sydney have 3 great younglings . I am working on a few costumes ATM for both sides of the force Wink, I am also a Lego nut AFOL
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Offline Adam.S Posted 20-12-2012 - 09:19 PM
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Rebel Legion Member

My name is Adam.S
I've been around RL since about 2009 ,
I am also a 501st member official since 2008 , but hung around for ages before I got around to get my self approved.
I currently have a season 1-3 TCW Captain Rex RL and 501st approved and a Biker Scout also.
I have a few animated clone projects that I'm working on very lazily .
And I have the title of first Animated Clone to troop Dream World LOL

I'm a Zoo keeper at Taronga Zoo in Sydney , and before that a seal trainer at Sydney Aquarium.
My interest are any thing in the Hip Hop culture as I've been apart of it since 84, that includes Graffiti , music which I have a crazy collection , and dancing.
I love Star Wars, but I'm now loving TCW .
I like to make low rider bicycles and currently have a trike I pedal around on.
I have two awesome girls who you may have seen costuming with me, as either Ashoka, a pink commander clone and as a biker scout , which are both GA, and a great wife who is very much not a Star Wars nut, lol.
I talk a lot , try my hardest together along with every one, I'm very easy going .
I love Muay Thai, and any martial arts, My favourite TV show at the moment is So You Think You Can Dance -US

I first started with Novus , and TAG 501st a while back then merged to SCG ,
I first started to troop when a good friend of mine Suds was in hospital for a kidney transplant, he was a bit depressed , so I met the NO guys who then consisted of a lot of different members back then they all said they would visit him, they offered me to join in, I jumped for it and my daughter came in her 501st soft clone costume , we all went to the hospital, he was so shocked, his family and hospital staff where just as shocked , then the bug hit me as he smiled , I was sold and eventually bought the costume I visited him in,
That's why I do this , Suds unfortunately passed a couple of years ago, a whole different story, so when I troop, I troop to make others smile , for fun, for my girls and to keep his legacy alive.
Did I mention I am a crappy speller too lol.
I'm on face book if you ever want to chat or hear,
Or just call me then I don't have type lol
Peace, love and hair grease

[Image: IMG_8813.jpg]
Peak a Boo !

[Image: IMG_7276.jpg]
My self and Suds
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Offline mammasith Posted 28-12-2012 - 06:31 PM
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Hi Everyone, I'm Mammasith (Kayle) , I joined the Redbacks early this year with my brother Oevil1, and then I joined the Rebels with help from JediPrincessBig Grin
I am a Nail Technician/hairdresser, and I love trooping and making costumes. My husband Cyclops has now got invovled as well as MiniVader (8) and our two younger girls.
I love all the new friends i have made through the Rebels and Redbacks and look forward to the year ahead.Mexican Wave Right
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Offline Obickay Posted 30-12-2012 - 07:59 PM
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Rebel Legion Member


I'm Joshua or Obicaky on most forums.

I have a Darth Revan and RC Scorch in the 501st and Scorch has now been approved by RL.

I've been trooping for a year now and really enjoying it and will be branching out into out costume for Nova.

I reside an south of Sydney in the middle of no where and work in Sydney for David Lawrence, Marcs and Jogsaw as their stocktake supervisor and operations trainer.

Josh out.
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Offline thephantom Posted 10-01-2013 - 07:32 PM
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Tatooine Member
Drop Bear Squadron Member

Hi all.
Thought I should drop in and say hi.
I'm Steve - Phantom on most forums.
I have an X-Wing costume, I am part of the Rebel Legion Starfighter Command and also, if it still exists, Rancor Squadron. I have also just finished a Jawa, and might put that up for approval soon.
[Image: 6583-A.jpg]
I have been in RL for just under a year. My wife Bec is also a member of RL and the 501st. Our two boys both join in and have both rebel and empire costumes and are part of the Galactic Academy.
I spend most of my time on the otherside of the fence....the darkside Wink where I am the GML of the Redbacks. I have a TK and an ESB Fett and Jawa pending.
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