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Base Command 2022-2023 - kaladan - 22-09-2022

Hi everyone
Sue has decided not to run as BCO this year so I have decided to move into the role. I would like to thank Sue and her team for their work through the pandemic which was extremely difficult. I am still putting a team together but at present the following positions have been filled:
BXO Nighthawk ( Trevor May)
RC Michael Wright (Mykill)
PR Jeremy Tape (Sticky)
I am still looking for a charity officer and a membership officer but Sue has given me some leads who I will be contacting.
I have seen a lot of new members posting in differnt threads spam which I find alarming. I have spent the day deleting posts and banning new members who spam this stuff. All new members will need to approved by Admin before being able to post. I have further tightened up what new members can post. New members can reply to thread but not post new threads except for the new member thread and the costume progress thread. I wll keep an eye on new posts so we hopefully can reduce the spam in future. Unforunately our software running the forum is so old no plugins exist to increase security. So im doing the best I can so this is a safe place for everyone.
I hope to see you at our next troop.

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - Sandman - 24-09-2022

congrats and welcome to the command life, if you need anything please let me know. looking forward to a new year of command.

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - Diatium - 03-10-2022

Congratulations and welcome aboard!

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - Jeadus Teal - 05-10-2022

Congratulations everyone!

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - Jediprincess - 07-10-2022

Thank you for trying to reduce the spam.

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - Jeadus Teal - 26-05-2023


Any unwarranted messaging will be reported and taken down.

RE: Base Command 2022-2023 - kaladan - 29-05-2023

xlosing this thread