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Joining the rebel legion - Lastjedi26 - 08-03-2021

Hey Everyone how is everyone hope everything is staying safe i trying to join the rebel legion the legion has send me a link to join I try logging in with my rebel legion tatooine login in it dit not let me login in can anyone help me I really want to join the rebel alliance and help with there charity work

RE: Joining the rebel legion - Ktty - 04-05-2021


Do you already have an account with the main Rebel Legion forums? If not, it is seperate from this forum space and thus requires a different account
Try signing up and see if that helps you out at all Smile

RE: Joining the rebel legion - Jeadus Teal - 19-01-2023

Nastyawarnner - All scam/troll messages will be deleted and members banned. Have a nice day!

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