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Returning from Hibernation... - Abimused - 28-12-2019 08:27 PM

Hi folks!

I'm Abi, I'm an OOOOOOOOLD member from way back *cough2007cough* but this year I finally finished my new Senatorial Leia costume and I'm hoping to get back to trooping with my beloved Rebels once more! I stopped by the booth at Supanova and y'all were kind enough to pass on the Death Star plans, much obliged! (seriously, was so much fun, thanks for indulging me!)

I'm just on the hunt for some white boots, and then I can submit my costume for approval and hopefully reactivate my membership. I have already asked to have my membership transferred back to Tatooine as I moved back to Brisbane in 2013, so hopefully that will go through easily enough.

After Leia is approved, I'd like to upgrade my Jedi costume, and hopefully some more Leia, but we'll see what 2020 holds!

RE: Returning from Hibernation... - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 28-12-2019 10:38 PM

Welcome back to Tatooine territory! Your costume looked fantastic, feel free to ask any questions to help you get back into it. Looking forward to meeting and trooping with you.

RE: Returning from Hibernation... - Moo - 29-12-2019 05:10 AM

Hi Abi! Glad to see you back in Tatooine. If you need help with anything just shout out Smile

RE: Returning from Hibernation... - Star Scribe - 31-12-2019 06:49 AM

Hi Abi! Been a follower of your cosplay page for years, I was the chick taking the photos of the plan passing.

Look forward to your Leia being approved! It will be awesome fun to be Jyn and do a full passing the plans to you.