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Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 22-07-2019

Hiya Everyone,

So alongside my Blue Squadron X-Wing Pilot I will also be building new Jedi Robes. They are essentially the Jedi Master robes for my Jedi character (Ashlyn Dubreas). I have already bought the pants, paid for new boots and Valledor has started to organise and put together the costume for me. I am very super excited about this costume. Pics of the design are below.

[Image: TSomugX.jpg]


RE: Jedi Master Robes - Triple9 - 22-07-2019

Looks really good

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 29-07-2019

The boots are currently being constructed by one of my friends in the USA, she made my Battle Rey boots.

Concept pictures for boots.

Stage 1 of boot construction has been completed which was to add the stretchy sides due to my wide calves. They will be covered by the boot cover so will not be visible from the outside.
[Image: SVS3BaX.jpg]
[Image: K9e2BTo.jpg]

The robes are also being worked on by Kristan (Valledor) at the moment.

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 06-10-2019

My Jedi Master tunic has been started on today. Am so excited. Valledor is making all the fabric pieces for me. Only need the tunic, undertunic and tabards as new pieces. Mainly due to the pants and obi being the same as my Jedi Knight robes.
[Image: 4hmGGVM.jpg]

My boots are also almost completed. My friend Mel from the USA, who also made my Rey boots and is an RL member, is making them for me. One boot has been finished and the second is well on the way to completion.
[Image: R7dkXOO.jpg]
[Image: mGJ7F2W.jpg]

I am so excited to bring this outfit if my Jedi character to life as Ashlyn is me in the Star Wars universe. These are the robes she wears upon becoming the Jedi Grandmaster in my Star Wars Fanfiction series but for Rebel Legion purposes they will only be classified as her Jedi Master robes.

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 12-10-2019

Here is a progress pic of my new Jedi robes. Honestly cannot wait for these to be finished. I forgot to take a photo of it while it was on me at the fitting a few days ago but this is the next best thing.


RE: Jedi Master Robes - Thrawn V'jun - 12-10-2019

Ooooooo! I like this!
I can't wait to see you rock this out when it gets finished and approved! Big Grin

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 14-10-2019

Hehe same. I am planning on debuting it at Brisnova along with my Blue Squadron X-Wing Pilot.

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 15-10-2019

So close to complete!!!


RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 16-10-2019

This is coming together very, very nicely. The jedi emblem will be bordered with a ring of white fabric. Thank you Valledor for the amazing craftmanship.

[Image: N11O8Zj.jpg]

[Image: IJHNYAB.jpg]

RE: Jedi Master Robes - Ashlyn_Dubreas - 18-10-2019

My new Jedi boots have been pretty much completely finished. I am absolutely in love with them. They are being shipped tomorrow from the United States and should arrive by next Tuesday. I am so lucky to have met so many talented friends who do have put in a lot of effort to help me with my costume builds.

[Image: Z4EKd7X.jpg]

[Image: mfQjEsg.jpg]

[Image: RLz1InH.jpg]