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Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 27-05-2018

The story so far started over a year and a half ago where I created a budget Jyn. I heavily altered a green vest, by dyeing, cutting, reshaping and sewing on details to produce a half decent con worthy version. I made the shirt from scratch making my own pattern and made it a bit too big. The pants have only been slightly altered. I originally made my own belt and holster using kmart belts, foam and vinyl which didn't last too well. I bought brown boots and leather painted fingerless gloves I already owned. I altered a crystal necklace for the Kyber crystal. I also got the blaster 3d printed by a friend and I painted it up.

I made the datatape out of foam but yeah not accurate. It's not a requirement but it's an option and again will probably get it 3d printed.

Since then I've managed upgrades-

I commissioned a friend to make my belt and holster out of leather and to the standards online- that's the one in the picture. So as far as I'm aware that's all good as is the blaster. I also need to 3d print the communicator and the baton and again I've got that sorted.

I repainted my boots darker for the con only. These boots are to be replaced entirely with the correct ones. I know where to get it from.

The pants and shirt need to be remade entirely. So will probably look towards commissioning that as I would feel safer putting that in the hands of a professional.

The vest needs to be replaced too. It did get upgraded with the greebie from a fellow Stardust Sister but there isn't much further I can take it alterations wise to get it up to standard. I'm not 100% on where to get that vest so more research needed. Otherwise may need to be commissioned.

I'll get the card and sliders 3d printed this time instead of making it from foam like I have previously.

The gloves will be replaced and I know where to get those.

I also know where to buy the Kyber crystal necklace (not really a requirement I just want one).

In terms of likeness, I happen to be the same height as Felicity Jones so that's a plus. I've been told a lot that I have a similar look to her and recently did a new makeup test that I'm pretty satisfied with. I'm a natural brunette and have no issue with the hairdo. Probably will look into feathering the front of my hair to nail it.

So yeah lots of stuff to do but I think I got an ok headstart at least.


RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 24-07-2018

So not too much to update yet as I'm just about to move house this week however I have compiled all my progress photos so far in an album on my cosplay page. The plan after the move is to get the Endor Finder gloves, boots and get 3d printed parts (communicator, baton, vest card and sliders) done. From there I'll be looking into getting the pants, shirt and vest commissioned.

Progress album - https://www.facebook.com/starscribeworks/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2202430269829399&mt_nav=1&ref=page_internal

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Drone - 24-07-2018

Progress is progress, even if it is only a little bit. Keep up the good work!

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 30-08-2018

(24-07-2018, 09:50 AM)Drone Wrote: Progress is progress, even if it is only a little bit. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouragement Drone!

Been doing even more research into things. I had a meeting with a local professional costuming place down the road from me who was able to talk ideas and prices. After that conversation and more research with the Stardust Sisters that have been approved at other Bases (I do realise every Base is different in judging but I figure their approvals give me better indications of what/how things can be done to increase chances of approval)- I'm going down the eBay/alterations route.

I've ordered and bought the boots today- https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Story-Jyn-Erso-amp-Cassian-Andor-Boots-Unisex-Cosplay-Shoes-/132355619047?txnId=1503908430003 - and the seller has already been in touch with me making sure all measurements are correct.

Now I'm just finalising my decision on the rest of the costume and have found by the looks of it a decent one in South Australia. Granted there'll be alterations but much of it from photos anyway matches the standards well.

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Moo - 30-08-2018

Nice work!

I'm not too familiar with the costume standards for this one myself, but it sounds like you're heading in the right direction, and have the support of some knowledgeable people Smile

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Jeadus Teal - 31-08-2018

Operation Stardust -> Gundam reference. Big Grin

Looking good. Your Jyn Erso costume is really coming together there Star Scribe.

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 15-09-2018

Thanks Moo & Jeadus Teal! Cool And yes am an anime fan so thought it would be a fun double meaning.

My boots arrived this week and they're perfect! I'm so relieved that they fit.


Atm I'm waiting on my code cylinder (currently in the post) and for the rest of the costume (currently being tailored).

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 24-09-2018

So exciting! My code cylinder arrived last week and today the rest of the costume- clothes and gloves- arrived today. It was exactly as pictured so by the looks of things and by the CRL, we're getting on track. Next step is to get those pants altered to fit correctly and change the straps.


On a side note was General Leia at OZCC over the weekend while not accurate, was fun.

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 14-10-2018

Update- https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2358330177572740&id=605171762888599 - A friend of mine, prop maker Plex Armoury made my comlink. I'll be picking it up at Briznova.

I've got my pants alterations appointment this week with the local costuming place and will also be chatting vest alterations as well to see what/how will be possible. Vest alterations will probably be the area I'll need the most help with- so many parts on that clothing item. Again though all the research in the right places and asking questions should remedy that. I know what needs to go where- it will be more a case of resources and how to apply to the vest.

Also am looking to buy the screen accurate kyber crystal necklace that the other Stardust Sisters have bought and highly recommend.

After all that will be weathering and the first application attempt.

RE: Operation Stardust- My Jyn Build Journey - Star Scribe - 12-11-2018

More progress! So pants were altered by a local costuming business and unfortunately it didn't completely go to plan as the pants were a bit loose and were still lacking the back centre pant seams. However at least they were in one piece so I could wear them to Supanova!

I also altered the vest by handsewing those stitches that go down the vest fronts before Supanova (meant to be hand sewn according to the CRL). I picked up my communicator as well.

Big thank you to everyone I got to chat with at Brisnova this weekend and for making me feel very welcome! With the card and slides ordered from Traywick, just a matter of fixing the pants and weathering so I should be able to make my first application attempt fairly soon.