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Nundah Festival 2017 - Dark Dora - 18-09-2017 09:50 AM

Date: Sunday Sep 10, 2016

Venue: Nundah, Brisbane Qld

Time: 10.30 – 14.30

Mission: Invited again by Fast Break Sports pop culture store, to add some Star Wars magic to the annual Nundah Street Festival, a popular community event.

Trooper Attendance:
Rhino (SCG) – Sandtrooper
Bam - TK
Nilrem – TK
Blade Seduction: TX
Slide Effect – TI
Stormraven – TI
WendallL TI
Mykill – TI:RP
Imperial Drone: TI:RP
Blue: IC
RoboTom: TB
Xenotrop – CC

Rebel Legion:
Gai – Mon Mothma (Tython Base)
Rebelrach – Jedi

Galactic Academy:
Xaviar – TK
Sébastian – Jango Fett
Jack - Vader

Support Crew:
Moo (Tatooine Base) - Wrangle / photos

Troop Report Courtesy of the RGB POC - RebelRach

Details: A warm day, nice and breezy for another Nundah Street Festival! This is a great community event and are invited by Paul at Fast Break Sports store to attend, the event organisers love having us there too.. From the word go as troopers emerged they were swamped for pics and hi fives. Troopers split off into groups to wander the stalls and streets. Blade Seduction seemed to have a hat fetish and tried on many hats, even a lady’s bowls hat. She was tickled pink! The pilots were up to mischief, the white armour just had to stand around to be mobbed by fans. RoboTom the biker scout found a First Aid tent, just in case. Nilrem displayed coolness under pressure when confronted with 4 little girls all wanting to bunny ears him in photos and ask many questions. The Tk’s tried the shooting range and again…didn’t hit a thing. There’s always next year guys. A few upset younglings at the big scary Stormtroopers, but so many hugs and happy faces.

By 2.30pm we had more than succeeded in our mission with lot of weary troopers so time for a refreshing cold adult beverage. A great end to a big weekend for many, and a nice way to get to know new folk.

Charity Funds Raised: $750 by Fast Break Sports for our attendance, to the Pyjama Foundation

Injuries / Malfunctions: NIL

Public Incidents: NIL.

Mission Status: Success! Mission accomplished. Great troop, good fun, and a nice donation to the Pyjama Foundation. Another excellent cooperative and fun troop, thank you to all troopers and helpers who gave up their day, in such great spirits, we had a lot of fun. Thanks all see ya next year!

Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/dftU4

[Image: Z4fhyPP.jpg]

[Image: hRtO2jm.jpg]

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RE: Nundah Festival 2017 - Moo - 18-09-2017 07:19 PM

Great weather for a great troop! We'll need some more rebels at the next one to keep those pesky flyboys in line, and out of mischief Tongue