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Filter - Angelman - 10-12-2012

I just noticed in my post the word dam (damn) got censored??? We can't say dam? Seriously we're 18+ to be members. As an aside it would be nice to get a notification of something you are about to post contains filtered language, which in my case most likely would be a typing mistake and not a swear word.

Other than that really liking the new forums, well done Applause


RE: Filter - Moxxxie - 10-12-2012

Ok - I think I just installed a pre-built list of naughty words, so I'll go and fine tune it a bit!

RE: Filter - davej - 10-12-2012

Thanks Jacq. I think the Aussie version of English is a bit more relaxed than the English version, and certainly the US version of the English language.

RE: Filter - Moxxxie - 10-12-2012

I've added in some typical Aussie rants, and relaxed the language a bit.

RE: Filter - stormraven - 11-12-2012

so is doush canoe allowed? Whistle