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RE: Greetings from the Logan area. - MyKill - 23-07-2015

Oakey dokey, update time:

Some of my plans for the dark side fell through when I realised my feet never stopped growing in 1994, and I've been a 16 for a while now (the funtasmas as it turns out dustbuster ashtrays, I'm going to try stretching them, but a full size doesn't seem likely, I wore them for 4 hours at brisbricks... Doctors were consulted in the following days!!!)
I'm currently considering some Russian "Kersey boots" as an alternative that go to a 50 euro

All that aside, I've found a sufficiently angry/surly character that has dual citizenship, ANH Tusken Raider!!!
Just waiting to hear back from the XO so I can post my intro with the Krayt clan.

I'm going to buy some welders goggles and black them out even more, so I can stumble around my house and practice not having peripheral vision. Lowering the blast shield as it were.

I'm already practicing my Tusken battle cries :tusken: :hide:

RE: Greetings from the Logan area. - Hopfot - 24-07-2015

For big feet a Tusken / Jawa. are good. You just need a cheap or old pair of boots / shoes. And then you wrap them up in cloth. I used an old and cheap pair of jedi boots that were falling apart.

Also, I speak from experience, that a tusken battle cry, not good on the throat after an hour. But the worse your throat gets, the better the tusken cry. Tongue

RE: Greetings from the Logan area. - MyKill - 24-07-2015

Yes, apart from using a hardhat liner (which means it can be made to fit me. And the opportunity to hoot and shake my gaffi stick at innocent members of the public, the fact that the boots are relatively simple to make out of any suitable Shoe is great! (I'll probably use chucks hitops, just found out I can get them in my size - they even run large so I'm still a 15 in them, in fact I'm wearing them right now).

But can't post on Krayt forum, can only read, need to introduce myself yeeeaaargghh!!!

RE: Greetings from the Logan area. - MyKill - 26-08-2015


Does anyone in Australia make gaffi sticks?

I'm thinking of going for the gunstock gaffi, over the classic 'pineapple' gaffi.